Hi! My name is Angela. I’m a middle-aged woman who perpetually feels eight years old. I play at being an adult through the art of learned cynicism and bad humor.

I’m very uncomfortable talking about myself.

I grew up in Southeast Michigan, USA, and unfortunately continue to live there. My barefoot heart belongs to the Appalachian Mountains where most of my family hales.  I’m a coal miner’s granddaughter. I’m an assembly-line worker’s daughter. I was a technical writer until 10 or so years ago when I could no longer stomach a business culture. Way too adult, probably. And way more dysfunctional than I’m used to.

This is so uncomfortable.

Now I’m trying to exercise my creative writing muscles. Short stories, personal essays, and two novels are in the works. Since that’s not scattered enough, I thought I’d throw a blog into the mix.


I recently read that writing a blog post every day would result in earth-shattering improvements in writing. (I might be overstating it.) So I thought I would give it a shot and see what happens.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be cringing with every single post.

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