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Today’s goal is to write and publish a freaking post already. I’ve been so bunged up about what I want this blog to be, how to present myself, what content to include, what others might be interested in, etc. I sucked the fun out of it. Plus, the past seven or so months were marked by my father-in-law’s health issues. Most of my energy was dedicated to him and NOT this blog.

I still don’t know what this thing is going to be about. I would like to post some projects. (I’m working on a new coat right now.) And I’d like to throw out some random thoughts and mini essays. It’s doable as long as I remain committed to doing this blog, which I am.

For years, friends and acquaintances encouraged me to write a blog. They suggested I would appreciate its rewards. I admit I still don’t see what they see. What would I write about? They didn’t seem to think it mattered. But who ISN’T writing a blog and why take up more space in the blogosphere? I decided to write in a journal for a few years instead. Still, the idea of writing a blog, any blog, plagued me beyond reason. What if my friends are right and I’m cheating myself of a great opportunity for…who knows what? I must face my fear of being another sheep in the heard heading toward the cliff and commit to at least one year of writing what feels like nonsense. Baaaaaattoms up!