life in jello


I conceived this blog to write about the crafts and art I work on and to indulge in general commentary and observations. It’s supposed to be the kick in the pants I sometimes need to get off dead center on projects.

After all, the blank canvas, the unformed block of stone, an uncut piece of fabric, and the blank page are equally intimidating. They leave me in a paralyzed, almost catatonic state. The pressure of having to write about the work I’m doing necessitates that I do work to write about. It’s just enough pressure to push me off the ledge and into the unknown.

Because this is a decidedly indulgent, self-centered blog, it made sense to refer to myself in the title. ‘Jello’ is an old nickname. This blog is about my life-view, whether through the art I create or the way I see the world. So it’s ‘life in jello’.

Plus, I happen to love gelatin.

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