down the rabbit hole

The last few weeks, I’ve been sucked into the world of the Mandela Effect. It’s a phenomenon where groups of people share a memory of something but that memory differs from the version that is commonly accepted and documented.

I’ve been watching tons of videos, reading articles, scanning my memory for things that didn’t seem quite right at the time but I dismissed. Something as simple as Edy’s ice cream being spelled with only one ‘d’ rather than the ‘dd’ I’d been used to seeing.

At first, I thought it might have been a copycat company trying to benefit from Eddy’s brand name recognition. When I didn’t see Eddy’s on the shelf, I thought they decided to change the spelling for some reason. It seemed like a dumb decision to me. The pronunciation of Eddy is much more intuitive to me that Edy. Wouldn’t Edy be pronounced with a long ‘e’?

Regardless, I dismissed the internal dialog. I knew nothing about the Mandela effect at the time and felt no reason to do the research on the name. But once I learned that Eddy/Edy’s ice cream is an example of the Mandela effect, I remembered my thoughts about the different spelling. Then, I did a quick search online. Other than references to the Mandela effect, I found no references to Eddy’s Ice cream. I read the company history page on their web site and on Wikipedia which showed that it’s been “Edy’s” since 1928.

That alone cost me a significant chunk of time away from the goals I hope to accomplish this year. Time management might be a problem for me. I am such a work in progress.

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