going to battle in a foam helmet

I went to battle earlier this year trying to fulfill the wacky theatrical vision of my dear friend, Rob. Rob directed a community theater production of Lysistrata, a play written by the ancient Greek comic playwright, Aristophanes, in 411 BCE. When Rob asked me to help with costuming, he pitched the play as the "first-ever … Continue reading going to battle in a foam helmet

thoughts on mckinley’s deerskin

Robin McKinley's novel, Deerskin, is loosely based on the Charles Perrault fairytale, Donkey Skin. In both stories, a beloved king wants to marry his daughter. His daughter runs away, works menial labor in disguise, and finds love with a prince from another kingdom. Perrault's Donkey Skin contains key elements found in other fairy tales. In … Continue reading thoughts on mckinley’s deerskin