thoughts on moore’s a dirty job

Just finished reading Christopher Moore’s novel, A Dirty Job. A friend recommended the novel knowing I’d enjoy the story and Moore’s humor.

beautiful black and white close up death
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The characters were quirky and fantastic. They all felt strong and bounced off each other to great comedic effect. I was especially satisfied watching the protagonist change from a neurotically paranoid anxious worrywart to fearless hero. That was beautiful.

The dialogue, while natural, sounded so much like the narrator’s voice at times that it took me out of the story a bit. And even though the humor felt forced at times, there were magical bits sprinkled throughout that punched me in the funny bone so hard I couldn’t help but guffaw.

The climax of the battle felt like a cheat because the protagonist doesn’t actually save the day despite going to battle and fighting valiantly. The one who ultimately saves the day does it with virtually no effort and could technically have settled things before the protagonist ever had to attempt the final showdown. Of course, that might have meant no story which would be much worse because it’s such a fun tale.

Overall, I loved the concepts Moore played with about souls and death. I thought some of the ideas, characters, and situations were wildly imaginative. And I enjoyed his occasional irreverence. No matter how dark it got, the narrator and the story were so infectiously joyful I couldn’t help but smile.

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