thoughts on strieber’s the key

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I made it a point to get through Whitley Strieber’s book, The Key, as quickly as possible in an effort to make up for lost ground. This kind of book is a guilty pleasure for me. Ghosts, aliens, past lives, witchcraft, Atlantis… these topics fascinate me but I rarely dig into books that explore these ideas.

The Key is Strieber’s account of a visitor, possibly otherworldly, possibly a time traveler, who dropped in on Strieber in the middle of the night to impart information that Strieber believed was life-altering. The account is presented as a true story.

It was equal parts fascinating, terrifying, and unbelievable. But I’ve had strange experiences that I wouldn’t expect anyone to believe so I have to believe his story is within the realm of possibility.

But some of the content seemed contradictory and confusing. The visitor painted an inconsistent account of himself, for one thing: Michael, demon, god, alien, Canadian… Which is it? I suspect I need to take additional time to study the book carefully. I could be mistaken about my interpretation.

The other thing that didn’t sit well with me was that the events seemed to be told through a filter of Catholicism. And felt excessively dramatic in tone. It’s also possible that I could be resisting the story because, if true, we’re doomed as a species and I don’t want to believe that.

So, if you want to be weirded out and have some unusual ideas thrown at you, give it a read.

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