don’t kill the messenger

selective photography of flying black falcon
Photo by Nigam Machchhar on

There’s something magical about embracing the possibility that something greater than who I perceive myself to be  sends messages of things to come, things to avoid, things to pursue, etc. Whether the messages arrive in dreams, through strange synchronicities, or the same series of numbers that pop up everywhere I look, I really try to pay attention. It’s like a secret code language between me and my spirit guides or whoever/whatever is lending a hand. It makes me feel like someone’s always got my back.

One of my favorite sources for receiving these special messages is nature. Seeing animals when I normally wouldn’t, finding feathers or shells in unexpected places or at “just the right time”… smelling roses, for instance, when no roses are in sight. Any number of things like that means something to me. I don’t always know what the message is but I figure it out in time and it’s usually relevant for whatever has been on my mind.

On Monday, I nearly killed a messenger. I was driving northbound on I-75 in northern Kentucky when a large reddish raptor swooped across the highway. When it was literally a few feet from my windshield, it did a little tuck and partial roll, then continued on its way. Based on the pictures I checked out online, I’d say the beautiful beast was a red-shouldered hawk.

I’ve never had such a close encounter with a bird that size. I’ve rarely had encounters with birds dodging in front of my moving vehicle in general, much less throwing in an acrobatic trick to boot. Thankfully. This is why the incident stood out for me. So now I need to puzzle out what it could mean. I think at least part of the message is that I need to find balance in my life and to free myself from limiting thoughts and beliefs that keep me from soaring in my own life. I’ll have to reflect more on the incident and the questions I’ve had about my life at present but this is a good start.

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