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Have you ever noticed that people who believe in the existence of bigfoot are skeptical about UFOs and aliens? And UFO believers might buy into the idea of ghosts, portals, and interdimensional travel but not bigfoot? I’m guessing they all think people who believe fairies exist have a few screws loose. Wouldn’t it be strange if it all existed and it was really a manifestation of the same thing?

As it happens, there are curious coincidences that might lead people to believe that Bigfoot, aliens, and fairies are related. For example:

  • It’s not uncommon for Bigfoot and UFO sightings to occur at the same time and place.
  • Some fairies are reported to look like dwarf Bigfoot. (That would make it Littlefoot, right?)
  • The fairy and alien stories have overlaps: abduction, fascination (bordering on obsession) with reproduction, hybrid babies, etc.

To complicate things further, there’s an entity described in Islam, called the Djinn, who some believe is an interdimensional trickster responsible for creating all of these paranormal phenomena, including ghosts and poltergeists.

I’m sure there’s much more I’ll come to learn about the various phenomena and theories surrounding them. I’ve really only begun to learn about the paranormal and don’t expect to ever know the truth. I suspect the only thing I’ll ever feel certain about is that it’s a big weird world where almost anything is possible.

EDIT: This post originally reported that Rev. Robert Kirk, a 17th century Scottish clergyman, described fairies as little gray beings per a presentation given by fairy folklore expert. The presenter has since reported that he misattributed that information to Rev. Kirk. My new understanding is that the reference to fairies as little gray beings originated with someone providing a criticism of Kirk’s book. I suspect that reference was only speculation.

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