please wake up

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It’s thrilling that Michigan voted to end gerrymandering, automatically register voters when they get their state IDs, and legalize marijuana for recreational use. Woohoo! Also, as many predicted, Democrats won the Majority in the US House of Representatives which should put a wedge in the stranglehold Trump Republicans have had on all branches of the government. Maybe.

Don’t expect a change in the relationship between the two parties though. Actually, it’s likely to be worse than ever. They haven’t played well together since Newt Gingrich infected the Republicans with his ugly brand of bullying decades ago. It’s been downhill ever since. With Donald Trump, we have reached what I hope is the bottom of that infected barrel. Surely there’s a cure to heal the Republican party of its present condition.

I hate to consider how the new “Republican” could get any worse. I write Republican in quotes because I don’t believe these mutant-Republicans reflect the idealistic nature of the party. Idealists are active dreamers but the Republican dream has turned into a nightmare. I wish they would wake up.


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