time flies

time watch clock hours
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

You look away for five minutes and two weeks have passed!

No, I’m not quite that bad. Not yet, anyway. In the past few weeks, I celebrated my wedding anniversary, there was Thanksgiving, we spent almost one week at my uncle’s place in eastern Kentucky, I read two novels, I celebrated a birthday, my sister celebrated a birthday… actually, most of my cousins were born in November. No one talks about it, but it seems my extended family celebrates Valentine’s Day with… enthusiasm.

Between personal celebrations and activities and the steady stream of Twilight Zone-esque national headlines, there’s been plenty to write about. But the longer I’m away from a regular posting habit, the more “constipated” I become in my willingness to publish. I dismiss ideas. I cruelly nitpick my writing and thought processes. In short, my inner asshole gets stronger.

So I think I need to get back to a daily post. I apologize in advance for what are sure to be craptastic entries. I can be okay with this… I think.

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