love over misophonia

Photo by Darcy Lawrey on

It’s shocking how much love you can feel for a pet. And how much they can teach you. Among the many things my little dogs have taught me is that I likely have misophonia which a strong reaction to sound, usually a specific sound. I’m guessing mouth noises comprise the bulk of sounds that drive people bonkers.

What gets under my skin is that wet, licking sound that my dogs sometimes make incessantly. The worst offender has the unfortunate habit of sitting on the cushion behind me where he would lick his chops for hours if I let him. As soon as he starts in with that wet smacking sound, the hair stands up on the back of my neck. Then, panic wells up within. It rises, combines with anger, and an uncomfortable sensation spreads over my skin.

I want to scream. I want to chop his little tongue off. Or destroy my ear drums. Something to get relief.

But another thing I’ve learned is that shooing him over to the couch and away from my direct line of hearing helps. When that fails, I can plug in my earbuds and listen to my favorite nature sounds. Then, I can return to enjoying the time I spend with my fur babies.


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