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If you don’t currently avail yourself of your public library and you’ve got time, I encourage you to find out what they have to offer. You might be pleasantly surprised. I’ve spent the last few weeks taking advantage of the free resources available through my community’s public library. I’ve gotta say, it’s been amazing! I never bothered to look into it until recently. Now that I have, I feel a like an idiot for waiting so long.

Many of my favorite magazines and ebooks are accessible from my phone and laptop. Being a tactile person, I prefer physical versions but it’s hard to argue with the convenience and cost savings of the library’s electronic versions. When that’s not available, I can check on the status of movies and books I might like to physically check out and reserve them directly from my phone. Plus, there are lots of free, instructor-led classes and they’re no joke.

I’m in the middle of three classes right now. The one that I’m super excited about is on writing fiction. That topic has been a real struggle for me. I get it intellectually but trying to implement what I’ve learned has been another story (pun intended) altogether. I’m hoping the guidance of a professional who is looking at my work and offering feedback will get me on track. So far, so good.

I might even enroll in the classes that would prepare me for computer certifications. Whether I get the certifications or not, the knowledge would be great to have a more well-rounded understanding of hardware and networks. It would help demystify those aspects of a tool I rely on heavily.

In the coming year, the library is certain to reveal even more treasures as I explore it. I’m so looking forward to saving money and collecting intellectual gold.

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