that was unplanned

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Okay, so it’s been a few months since popping in to sling letters onto the screen.

In my defense, Valentine’s Day was breathing down my neck in a threatening, decidedly non-sexy way. I really wanted to do something special: a love-themed automaton for my engineer hubby.

With overconfidence in tow, I dedicated every spare moment to the effort, crafting gears out of wire and figuring out the actual mechanics to make the thing do what I wanted it to do.

If only I could have gotten those gears working smoothly… That’s right. It was a total bust. He had to settle for a semi-interesting hand-made card adorned with sweet sentiments. Not that I’ve given up on the automaton project but it keeps getting pushed further away.

Kinda like this blog.

The difference is that the longer I stay away from the blog, the less inclined I am to re-engage with it. It’s not in my nature to put myself on display. But here I am anyway.

I do love a good puzzle though. It gives me hope that I’ll finish that automaton. Eventually.


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