thoughts on fante’s ask the dust

Ask the Dust is John Fante's 1939 novel. The story follows Arturo Bandini, a young struggling Italian-American writer in Los Angeles, who tries to gain the life experiences he thinks he needs to write the great American novel. He falls in love with a Mexican-American waitress who is in love with a bartender who despises … Continue reading thoughts on fante’s ask the dust

i’m a stranger to my inner writing sadist

What do you do when you want to write a short story but coddle your characters so much that even the antagonist/villain becomes a milquetoast and nothing ever happens in the story world? I think I understand a story's building blocks. I've read dozens of books on the subject. But applying that knowledge has been … Continue reading i’m a stranger to my inner writing sadist

banana bread, anyone?

Virgil and Sharon Smith measure their day by television programming. As they tell guests during commercial breaks, "...two o'clock is Bonzai Gunslingers. Then at three we watch Entitled Rich 1950's Girl Pseudodrama. After that is Guess the Price of This Crap..." From morning to night their day is jam-packed. Right now, it's 8:23 on Wednesday … Continue reading banana bread, anyone?