my Frankenstein coat: there’s always mourning

I’ve been mourning. This happens when projects I’m eager to complete get cobbled together with one unsatisfying compromise after another.

I decided to construct my coat out of resale finds. I envisioned cheerful, bright colors. Unfortunately, most coats are drably colored but I thought to myself, “hey self, you can bedazzle the shit out of it! Paint it.  Dye it. The sky is the limit so don’t let that drabness bog you down, girl.” So I didn’t. But I have to say, I’m not crazy about this thing right now. It’s in an ugly stage and I’m not feeling very confident that it will grow out of it.
Regardless, I want to show my continued progress.


As a reminder, here is the basic design I’m working toward:


First, I decided where I wanted the green and tawny design lines to be on the upper part of the coat and cut the coats accordingly.

Then, I top-stitched the coats in place, not worrying about finishing the  seams or fraying because the material is wool.

And here, you can see the view from the back. To the left, the pieces are pinned in place. On the right, top-stitching is completed.


More to come.

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