2018 resolutions: the list of doom

Yes, I know it’s not a good practice to attribute such negative terms to a plan I have yet to start in earnest. The list of doom? Really, now. Doesn’t inspire confidence and all that feel-good vibe-y stuff.

The truth is that most resolutions fail and I don’t believe I have super-human abilities to fall out of bed accomplishing resolutions without effort or thought. Sometimes they fail spectacularly even with effort. Sometimes they just sizzle out with a barely audible whimper. That’s what mine tend to look like. I don’t want to be that person. Again. I’ve had too many misses for the past several years so I’m hoping for a turnaround.

I know what I plan is something like a kamikaze mission in that it looks insane and unrealistic. In one way, I hope it is like a kamikaze mission because I’ll need the single-minded dedication and commitment to pull it off. That’s how it feels thinking about everything I hope to accomplish. Virtually an entire life turnaround. Yikes. No pressure or anything.

Writing: Write every day in journal, on blog, and on stories. Get something into publishable form (I don’t count this blog) and submit it for publication, for Pete’s sake!

Diet: Make more healthy dietary choices to feel better and to lose weight. Stop drinking sugary sodas. Stop eating processed foods in general.

Exercise: Move my body every single day. Walk. Work up to running at least a 5K. Strength train. Flexibility (to help me feel like less of a stiff, old lady).

French: Work toward a basic proficiency in the language. Stop being such a lame mono-lingual. Next year, look for opportunities to be as fluent in French as possible.

Banjo: Work on becoming proficient in playing the instrument. Speed would be great but just getting an understanding of where all the keys are on the fretboard, an ear for various licks and being able to play using standard music notation. Next year, work on playing with others and speed.

Clothing: Sew at least one item of clothing or outfit for myself every month.

Jewelry: Complete at least one item of jewelry every month. Not just stringing a few beads, either. I’m talking metal smithing, lady. Get those hammers and blow torches out and use them!

Painting: Get those oils and acrylics out and get busy. I’ve got a bunch a portraits, etc. that aren’t painting themselves. Get busy!

Doll-making: Ideally, make one doll every week but I think I’ll be hard-pressed to finish one every month so quarterly might prove the most sane commitment to myself.

Sculpture: Complete three to five sculptures: mask and doll, automatons for Dirty Show.

House projects: Make progress on at least one of these projects every week, as appropriate: Both bathrooms, yard maintenance, landscaping, cleaning, declutter/chuck excess stuff, organize stuff

Meditation/Spirituality: Spend five minutes minimum every day meditating. Read spiritual writings.

Reading: Read one book every week.

Relationships: Spend every week reaching out to a different friend to let them know I’m thinking about them and I care about them.

That’s all I can think about right now. My head is going to explode just looking at this insane mission I’m setting out on.

Updates to follow.

Pray for me.

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