sewing time: some new favorite shirts and pants

I’ve been on a minor sewing spree lately. I needed new clothes and don’t like what’s available in stores at the prices I’m willing to pay. I also have a fabric stash I’m trying to work through.

So there’s nothing fancy here. It’s just a few items created using two of my favorite patterns which are oversized, super comfy, everyday-wear.

pullover pattern
McCall’s M6603. Easy to make. Comfy everyday wear.

First, the pullover top. I’m in love with this. It’s so easy to make and comfortable that I want to make one for every day of the week. I would wear it every single day if I could.

cartoon top
Oversized cotton hoodie with cartoon print accents.

I already had a linen version in solid plum but it’s falling apart at this point. The two I recently made are a nubby silk in spring green (not shown) and the cotton one shown here that combines two different prints. Both tops were made with fabric I’ve had waiting for years to be used.

pants pattern
The Sewing Workshop’s Trio Tee & Pant. Among the most comfortable pants I own.

Second, the pants. I love these pants from The Sewing Workshop, an independent pattern company. I already made a pair of these in mottled grey cotton/poly broadcloth a few years ago and I wear them as often as I can.

green pants
Big pocket cotton pants.

If you like oversized clothing like I do, these pants are surprisingly flattering. They’re fairly easy to make and comfortable. Plus they have ginormous pockets that can almost fit the kitchen sink. Seriously, if you’ve had enough of women’s clothing with miniature pocketry, these will not disappoint.

These pants have wide legs that I made even wider and huge pockets that go from mid-thigh to low-shin. The pockets aren’t necessarily practical but they’re fun. I made a spring green pair in cotton (shown) and a turquoise pair in cotton (not shown) that has a pattern my spouse tells me looks like hospital wear. I knew that print looked familiar!

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