accidental mindfulness

black car instrument cluster panel
Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on

I had a brief moment yesterday when I snapped out of the autopilot mode I spend most of my life in. There was nothing in particular that triggered it. Nothing I’m aware of anyway. I was just driving down a stretch of road I’ve driven hundreds–probably thousands–of times.

It was as if a grey, translucent film lifted, revealing a brighter, more colorful world around me. I had a vivid awareness of the richly green trees and shrubs lining the freeway, the blue sky overhead, and a sort of harmonious hum that filled the air. Even my skin tingled pleasantly.

My mind flooded with a reminder about the miracle–I guess ‘miracle’ will do–of technology that made such an excursion effortless, and the miracle of life circumstance that allowed me to experience it. I marveled about the knowledge that had to accumulate and the work that had to happen to build the roads I used, the car I drove, the clothes I wore… and so on.

Mostly, I felt grateful to share these things with people who want to spend time with me. It’s the easiest thing to take for granted but the biggest miracle of all.

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